PCO Medical

Fitness test is given the highest priority in the process of PCO license application. The TfL measures your health and fitness standards medically to ensure the safety traveling of customers. 

If you want to be a minicab driver or London taxi driver, you must meet the medical standards required for a DVLA Group 2 license – these standards are put up for drivers of large goods vehicles and buses by the Transport for London. Significance of fitness levels cannot be over emphasized. 

TfL expects from the applicants:

  • A registered medical practitioner who knows your medical history must do the medical checkup, medical declaration form and a medical report for a considerable charge.
  • You should give your urine sample to test for diabetes and systems like cardiovascular, endocrine, musculoskeletal, neurological, psychiatric and vision are examined for the results. Eyesight is significantly examined at this point.
  • The practitioner gives an opinion depending on the results, mention your ability to meet the DVLA Group 2 standards, sign and put their surgery stamp on the PHV/204 form.

If you have this certified earlier, then you have an exemption. 

Conditions such as heart problems, neurological disorders, history of alcohol or drug abuse, mental illness, degenerative illness, epilepsy, insulin-dependent diabetes, poor eyesight pave way for the refusal of PCO license. 

If you are disabled, you can contact the TfL for specially abled transports and still get the PCO license.